Our Story how “The Snowbirds” began

Distant Original Snowbird Sign
The original Do Not Feed The Snowbirds sign

Our story of how “The Snowbirds” began. If you’ve ever lived in Florida, or any major tourist area, you’ll know what the “Snowbird Conundrum” is all about. And, I’m sure the vast majority of us have been those same types of tourists that spawn similar conundrums in the other respective areas. 

The whole “Snowbird” enterprise evolved from conversations at our favorite watering hole where some friends and I were getting “water” and regaling each other with Snowbird (tourists from up North) stories. The more water we had, the better the stories. Soon the whole hole was chiming in with stories or objections. The objections, largely, came from some of the Snowbirds who took exception and from a few locals who extolled the benefits of Snowbird dollars. The rest of us tried to reassure them it was all in fun. Some were still not amused.

I’ve lived in Florida a long while (I’m technically a Snowbird as I moved here from PA in the 70s) and this love/hate relationship with the tourists or “Snowbird Conundrum” is nothing new. Frankly, except for the radicals in either camp, most of us get along and have made some great friends. 

Several days later, I was in the local Home Depot and happened by the signs aisle. I spotted a “Do Not Feed The Birds” sign and had an epiphany. I purchased the sign, a few letters and fabricated the sign seen above. At the time, I lived in a very rural area. I tacked the modified sign to a tree by the roadside and thought little of it. I was amazed at the response.

People were stopping and laughing or scowling, driving by giving me the thumbs up or displaying a very different digit. If I were in the house, they’d lay on the horn until I came out. The response was overwhelming.  I had people wanting to buy the sign. I subsequently had the graphics created and copyrighted, produced Stickers of both, then T Shirts and Koozies; So there you have the story how “The Snowbirds” began.

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