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Snowbird Gull Graphic Tee. Gildan Heavy Cotton 100%

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The Gull Graphic T-Shirt was introduced to present a less intense design than the Pterodactyl Graphic Tee, which some find a bit threatening. The Snowbird graphic logo may be different, but the 100% Heavy Cotton Gildan Tees still come in the usual array of sizes and colors. The colors range from subtle to bold and we’re sure you’ll find one that fits you and your personality.

Speaking of fit, our gull graphic t-shirts retain their fit, color and shape after repeated washing and use (although I thought my personal gull graphic tees had shrunk, nope, my body had expanded). The 100% cotton is soft on your skin and the graphics won’t make you sweat under them as the solid transfers do. You don’t want to be noticed, don’t buy our shirts. You don’t want to meet people, don’t buy our shirts.

The people that buy our shirts want to be noticed. They want to meet people and develop friendships. They welcome the opportunity laugh at the “Snowbird Conundrum” and themselves, if they participated. Many don’t dive that deeply. They just want a great, funny graphic tee at a reasonable price.

Our aim is to promote understanding between the sometimes overwhelmed Locals and the sometimes “me first” Tourists. We’re all here for the Sun, so let’s all have Fun – together! The snowbirds may come and go, but the fun is here to stay. Snowbird apparel is available only online. Buy one (or more) today!

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Dimensions 10 × 12 × 0.5 in

Light Blue, Carolina Blue, Cornsilk, Azaela, Coral, Black


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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