Snowbird Beverage Coasters


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The Snowbird Beverage Coasters feature our most popular Gull Logo.  These funny graphic coasters will keep your guests amused while helping to keep those unsightly, water rings off your furniture. They’re also great for winging at those pesky visitors who fall asleep during your best vacation stories (never toward their face). These coasters are inclusive and will work on any size, type, color, phrase, or logo depicted on the beverage container. Of course, the container base should not exceed the 3.5 x 3.5-inch dimensions of these absorbent, scratchless Snowbird drink coasters. The Snowbird beverage coasters come in handy packs of 25. Order yours now. Buy extra packs to keep in your vehicles for those hosts who aren’t considerate enough to provide them. BTW, these drink coasters work perfectly with our Snowbird Can Koozies.


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