Snowbird Vinyl Graphic Stickers


Our Snowbird vinyl graphic stickers depict a well-meaning sunbelt resident being swept up by an over-enthusiastic tourist.

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The Snowbird vinyl graphic stickers display either our original pterodactyl or gull image. The pterodactyl and gull graphics both show a well-meaning sunbelt resident being swept up by a too enthusiastic tourist in a direct representation of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Snowbird graphic stickers are an inexpensive and funny means to express your view on the Snowbird controversy as they grab people’s attention. They prompt questions like:

  • This is funny, what’s it about?
  • Do Snowbirds and sunbelt Residents really dislike each other?
  • Which side are you on?
  • Can I buy this on a T-Shirt or Koozie, maybe a drink coaster?

The Snowbird vinyl graphic stickers black image and wording clearly stand out against the white background. The graphic stickers are intended for use in areas where they’re not exposed to the elements as they will fade after time. This doesn’t mean you can’t stick ’em outside. You will just need to replace them occasionally. We suggest buying plenty of extras for just those occasions or for passing them around as gifts.

Our graphic stickers also make great gift ideas for Christmas (never too early), birthdays, Easter baskets, party favors, or just anytime! Please don’t put them on anything mobile cause they won’t stick around. BUY NOW, buy plenty: they’re cheap!


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